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Keep Your Home Safe And Clean!

Get Your Chimney Cleaned And Inspected Today!

chimney sweep & inspection special    $97

chimney sweep & Air Duct cleaning special  $199

chimney sweep & inspection special    $97

chimney sweep & Air Duct cleaning special  $199

Our technicians follow a strict chimney checklist of inspection criteria that includes:

  • Chimney Cap and Crown Defects

  • Creosote or Heavy Soot

  • Damaged, Blocked, or Unsafe Chimney Flue

  • Firebox Cracks or Damages

  • Movement in Chimney

  • Unlined Chimney Flue

  • Fireplace Chimney Leaks

  • Chimney Flashing Issues

  • Chimney Mortar Joints

How to tell your Chimney is needing an inspection?

10 common signs that you need to hire a fireplace

inspection company:

  1. Strange Odor Coming from Fireplace Chimney.

  2. Cracks on Fireplace Bricks or Deteriorated Mortar Joints.

  3. Smoke Coming into Your Home.  

  4. Cracks on Chimney Crown.

  5. Damaged or Missing a Chimney Cap Cover.

  6. Deteriorated Flashing.

  7. Water Spots on Walls Around Fireplace Chimney.

  8. Water Leaking Inside Fireplace Chimney.

  9. Trouble Closing Your Damper.

  10. Fireplace Chimney Discoloration.

Why is it important to clean your chimney?

The job of a chimney sweep / chimney cleaning is to remove soot, blockages and built-up creosote from your chimney flue liner, firebox, smoke chamber and damper. This fireplace cleaning / chimney cleaning will help create a safer operation of your system during the heating season.... Creosote can also reduce the draw of the fireplace, resulting in chimney smoke back drafting into the house, and reducing the efficiency. Chimney's also attract animals and it is very important to hire a fireplace inspection company / chimney inspection service to inspect the chimney at least once a year.

What happens if you don't clean your chimney?

If you don't clean your chimney properly by a professional fireplace cleaning company it can cause a hazardous smoke resulting in smoke staying inside the house and this can cause you severe problems like suffocation. Because of the usage of the chimney, resulting in soot and rust, the chimney cap can also face corrosion. Chimney fireplace flues blocked are a very common reason for house fires in US. When searching for a chimney sweep company be sure to write "chimney cleaning near me", to ensure you are getting a local team near you. A chimney repair company / fireplace repair service that is local ensure you are getting technicians that are familiar with repairs in your area.

When should you clean your chimney?

If you notice that smoke doesn't rise up the chimney, or fireplace fires are difficult to get started, it might be time for a chimney cleaning or chimney repair service. Fireplaces in your house should be cleaned no later than the early fall, before fire burning season. If you choose to hire a chimney cleaning service, you can expect a quick turnaround if you have them come earlier, ideally in the summer. So give us a call today to book your chimney cleaning, and fireplace repair service.

Does my chimney need cleaning?

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) says that fireplaces need to be cleaned when there is 1/8″ of sooty buildup inside the fireplace chimney flue system....  When an accumulation of soot and creosote build up in the chimney flue it can fuel a chimney fire that will likely damage the fireplace following in chimney repairs.


Common Chimney Repairs:

CHIMNEY CAP REPAIR / REPLACEMENT - A chimney cap works like an umbrella to help block rain from pouring straight down your chimney flue and into the fireplace.

CHASE TOP REPAIRS - Top protective metal “crown” of a factory-built chimney. Great for protection from weather conditions, pest control, rust control, and debris entering the chimney flue. If your chimney chase top needs a replacement, we can help you find the perfect fit.

CROWN REPAIRS - If your chimney crown is cracked, damaged, or improperly shaped it can allow water into the chimney and damage the masonry.

FIREPLACE FLUE LINER - If your home was built without a chimney flue liner, we can install one if yours and if is deteriorating we can replace. If you chimney flue isn't sitting high enough on your chimney we can also extend the chimney flue.

CHIMNEY LEAKS - Deteriorated flashing can cause severe damage to attic areas, walls, and ceilings. We can waterproof your chimney in order to avoid any problems in the future.

CHIMNEY TUCK-POINTING / RE-POINTING - Mortar work can get damaged , by heat or rain. Removing damaged mortar between bricks, blocks, or stone and replacing it with fresh mortar.

FIREBOX REPAIR - Chimney fireplace panels or firebox masonry can get cracked or damaged by the fire, we offer firebox repair, coating , panels replacement & renewing services .

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When deciding on a chimney fireplace sweep company, pick a local chimney cleaning near me. Searching ‘chimney sweep repair near me’ or ‘chimney companies near me’ will guarantee you are receiving service right in your area. 


A fireplace cleaning can be a messy job, if not done right. Getting a chimney flue cleaning, or also known as a fireplace duct cleaning, by a professional sweeper will ensure the ashes and creosote are removed and cleaned correctly. If you don’t have a chimney cleaning done once a year, creosote builds up in the chimney flue liner which can lead to a chimney fire. We also recommended a fireplace inspection service to be done once a year as well to ensure there aren't any fire hazards and safe to use. Also, a dirty fireplace can cause toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide to build up that are harmful to inhale.   




We offer a top to bottom chimney and fireplace inspection service for the interior and exterior of the chimney. Our technicians will be checking the cap, crown, flashing and also the brickwork as well. 


A fireplace inspection price is included with a chimney and fireplace sweep cost to ensure there aren’t any fireplace repairs needed and it's safe to use. When looking for a fireplace cleaning company make sure they can also perform chimney repairs and fireplace fixes and repairs as well. Over time you might start seeing discoloration in chimney, deterioration, cracks in fireplace, or even leaking in your chimney. Don't worry, it happens over the years! Our technicians are trained to provide their knowledge and to perform fireplace repair services and chimney sweep service.

Before we arrive for your chimney fireplace cleaning service, please note:

  • Avoid fires for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

  • All furniture and breakables should be kept at least 6 to 8 feet away from your fireplace.

  • Move all pets to another part of the home to have enough room for our technicians to work.


Our company provides chimney sweeping and a chimney fireplace inspection price that is not only affordable, but a crucial part of your home's maintenance that keeps you safe in the long run and saves you money. Make us your fireplace repair company and chimney cleaning services choice.

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